The Value Of People

The value of people… Jesus, the express image of God, when He walked in person among men… the impression we’re left with from the gospels is that He “saw people.”

Immanuel, God with us, saw into hearts.

He saw through sin, past it… seeing the value of the sinner… wanting restoration above condemnation.

Each life is precious to the Lord. We can never as followers of Jesus “write someone off.”

Our great challenge is not to be powerful preachers, miracle working prophets, or learned Bible scholars… it’s to carry the same heart for people as Jesus does… or at least the smallest glimmer of it.

…It’s not to build ministries… it’s to have the heart of the Lord for people… who meets us where we’re at… broken… he doesn’t leave us there but invites us to leave our “state” behind and follow Him… follow Him on a journey of restoration.

Ours is to be ambassadors of that heart, pointing others… when we can… to the same hope we’ve found.

Each life is precious.

  • Mark Saunders