Psalm 63

You, God, are my God,
    earnestly I seek you;
I thirst for you,
    my whole being longs for you,
in a dry and parched land
    where there is no water.

Psalm 63:1

Why Are You Thirsty?

Psalm 63 is about being thirsty. It’s not talking about that in a physical way, but physical thirst is a good word picture for something that God has placed in every human being. Every human being, even the most irreligious person, is spiritually thirsty. Now, God wired that thirst inside of us to drive us to him.

Many of the things that we anxiously or frenetically pursue, we do so because we are trying our best to satisfy the thirst that’s in our hearts. So, we think, a relationship with this person, if only this person loved me, or if only I could marry this person, then my heart wouldn’t be hungry anymore. Or only if I could have this material thing, fill in the blank, then I’d be satisfied. Or if only I could achieve this level of success, maybe I wouldn’t be thirsty anymore. Or if only I had this power, if only I had this control, if only I had this size of bank account, if only I could have sexual satisfaction. None of these things has the power to quench your thirst. Earth will never be your savior. Earth will never satisfy your thirst.

So, what do we do to satisfy that thirst that we have inside of us? Well, you first have to understand it will never be satisfied horizontally. If you’re looking to your marriage, or to your friendship, or to your job, or all those other things that I mentioned, to give you happiness, to satisfy your heart, it will never happen. I would sit in counseling and a wife would say to me, “All I ever wanted was a man who would make me happy.” I think, “That poor man’s cooked,” because he didn’t have a prayer of producing what you hunger for.

So, David says this, do these four things: run to the sanctuary. Go to where God is. Go to his word. Go to fine Christian literature. Go to wonderful Christian music. Go to those public gatherings of worship. Go to your small group. Go to where God is because he is where your thirst is going to be satisfied.

Daily meditate on the Lord. When you’re meditating on the Lord, you may not realize this, but your heart is taking a big cool drink, 64 ounces of God washing through your heart.

Remember that only he can quench your thirst. You just have to keep preaching that to yourself. The things we look to for happiness won’t make us happy. They only frustrate, they only discourage.

Fourth thing he says is: stay near to him. Stay inside his boundaries. Stay where God can be found.

Run to the sanctuary. Meditate on the Lord. Remember that only he can quench your thirst. Stay near to him.

Well, I have got good news. There will be a day we won’t thirsty anymore because we will be in his presence forever. And we will be satisfied!