Represent A Glimmer Of The Lord’s Heart

Ambassadors to represent a glimmer of the Lord’s heart… Jesus left us a message, the Holy Spirit, His spiritual and ministry giftings and a commission as His followers.

The message of the cross can’t be learned like memory verses. It permeates our lives, marinating us so to speak… giving us a flavor that is different to the world.

It’s that message we need to allow access to… to hear it, to accept it, to live it… by His grace.

It’s a message that is no respecter of persons. It levels evenly… to become a firm foundation for us.

This message doesn’t tickle ears, it saves souls. It’s the means by which we have the opportunity to live out our salvation – with increasing respect for the dealings of God in our lives.

This message “peels away the man of the flesh” to leave a tender heart – one that can reflect for others something different to the what the world offers … the love of God.

  • Mark Saunders