Abraham And Isaac

A father, a son, and a sacrifice

Abraham and Sarah had a baby boy, just as the Lord promised. They named him Isaac.
Genesis 17:9; 21:1–3

They loved Isaac. They taught him to choose the right and to trust the Lord.
Genesis 21:8

The Lord promised Abraham and Sarah that through Isaac their family would grow to bless the whole earth. But one day the Lord told Abraham to take Isaac to Mount Moriah and offer Isaac as a sacrifice.
Genesis 17:1–8; 22:1–2

On their way to the mountain, Isaac asked where the lamb for the sacrifice was. Abraham said the Lord would provide one.
Genesis 22:4–8

On Mount Moriah, Abraham built an altar and placed wood on it.
Genesis 22:8–9

As the Lord commanded, Abraham asked Isaac to lie down on the altar. Isaac trusted Abraham just like the Savior Jesus Christ trusted His Father.
Genesis 22:9

When Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac, an angel of the Lord stopped him. Abraham showed his faith in the Lord. Abraham knew he would always follow the Lord.
Genesis 22:10–12

Abraham looked up and saw a ram caught in the bushes. The Lord provided the ram for the sacrifice.
Genesis 22:13

Abraham and Isaac learned about how Heavenly Father would offer His Son Jesus Christ as a sacrifice. The Lord Jesus Christ trusted Abraham because he obeyed. Abraham trusted the Lord’s promise that one day his family would grow beyond the number of stars in the sky.
Genesis 22:17–18