Things Can Change Quickly

Joseph went from prisoner to prime minister perhaps within an hour?

The Lord had prepared him though through all he went through over the years since the pit.

The point being what? The Lord has ways of working things out we might never understand. Things can take years to be worked out, but at the right moment, change can come in an instant.

Joseph’s brothers throwing him into that pit was not their initial plan… it was God’s intervention for Joseph and in the end, for them too.

The point being? Even things that seem bleak and hopeless, no… even things that are bleak and hopeless… because sometimes that’s the reality… think of Jacob’s reaction when the brothers told him what had happened to Joseph… the Lord is able to miraculously turn around for good in the end.

The lesson? Two of them for me… enjoy the good moments “in the moment”… things can change at any time… don’t lose hope in bad moments…. things can change at any time.

Such a big part of life is truly not in our hands.
Change happens whether we like it or not… it’s only unquestioning trust in a faithful God that can see us through. Help me Lord to trust without question!!

  • Mark Saunders