The Peace Of God Protects Us And Directs Us

There have been days last week when I was in turmoil… very uneasy inside… “just rest in the Lord” is what cliche Christianity says… but that lack of peace was from the Lord.

Peace can be removed to make us pray, to act, to do something, not to “rest.”

I’ve seen the hand of the Lord directing things beyond my ability and control. I seen “unction” churning in me to take action – vital steps.

This last week I’ve seen that razor thin line separating literally life and death..

We can’t live our Christian lives by Bible verses we make into cliches… they don’t cut it.

A sovereign God can act over and above us and at the same time remove our peace and prompt us ourselves to take important steps.

Our Christian walk with our loving God is real and “raw.” Salt stings, but it also heals and preserves.

  • Mark Saunders