Grace For Everyday People… With Everyday Issues

The Christian walk would be dull if it was just reading the Bible, praying and going to Church meetings.

As important as these things are our Christian walk is not these things. It’s more.

It’s finding the grace of God each day to follow Christ.

Following Christ in everyday life… it’s challenging.

Honouring God and being real and the same time…only possible if we sincerely desire that changing work of God’s spirit in our lives… not to bless us but to let the life of Christ be felt through us.

So often we don’t feel spiritual… but the Lord doesn’t work by our feelings or failings or successes… not my might, not by power but my spirit says the Lord.

Let’s keep the heart to be in need of His grace daily… that’s all. He’ll accomplish the rest.

  • Mark Saunders