Seek To Know Jesus Christ And Him Crucified. It’s The Real Deal

Bible opened to the book of John

Christians, our lives are a gift from Divine, unchallengeable authority.

Omnipotent… He can speak things into being.

Omnipresent… everywhere at the same time and omniscient… knowing all things.

Of all the powers and universes he could have given to us, or all the demands he could have placed on us, instead what he offered us was the opportunity to know him.

He offers us identity, relationship and purpose which bring growth and freedom… if we choose to receive it.

How do we find it?  Through Jesus Christ.  The tree of life.

Jesus Christ opened a way through the cross for us to know God’s heart for us and to learn His ways.

But how do we find the reality of this?

  • Simply ask with a sincere heart… Jesus Christ reveal yourself to me.
  • Find a bible and read it.  Start in the book of John in the New Testament.
  • Find a Christian and talk to them.
  • Find a Church and go to it.

Seek to know Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. It’s the real deal.

  • Mark Saunders