There’s A Desire For “Approval” In All Of Us

There’s A Desire For “Approval” In All Of Us

We need to feel liked, appreciated, understood and esteemed by people around us. Especially those we look up to. One could say it’s “normal” to want that.

But which is stronger ? The desire to be approved by men or by God?

At some point… we’ve all chosen to please people above the Lord.

As long as we seek the approval of people above the approval of God we’ll compromise in our Christian walk.

The desire to be “esteemed” needs to die. It’s a tough one… but it needs to be “put on the altar.”

The need to be respected and acknowledged… best we let go of that… it gets in the way of serving the Lord.

So then what? We become downtrodden losers? No, not at all!

We grow in the freedom of the Lord “to be ourselves.” Striving less to please people, but somehow having more of God’s heart for people.

  • Mark Saunders