The Lord Accepts Me As I Am… So You Must Too. Don’t Judge Me!

The Lord Accepts Me As I Am… So You Must Too.

Whooah… just a minute… we’ve all said that and we’ve all heard that… but it’s a really bad attitude to have.

True the Lord does accept me as I am, but it doesn’t mean that I can stand on that to justify my weaknesses.

Our weaknesses and failings are certainly not an issue to the Lord if we sincerely want to grow, mature and have the victory over them through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

But, if I expect that you must “just put up with me” cause “that’s who I am” and you must “just live with it” then that’s a really inconsiderate attitude which doesn’t reflect the heart of the gospel at all.

We can’t change ourselves… that’s very clear… but we can’t be selfish and simply impose these issues on others.

Rather, with humility and brokenness we bring these issues to the cross… not condemning ourselves but trusting Jesus to deliver us from “this body of death”… which, in His time, He is more than able to bring the life of the Spirit to.

That’s Christian life… daily bringing our lives, in faith, to the cross so that more of His life in us can shine through us as we’re changed bit by bit to His image.

  • Mark Saunders