The Door To Change Is Opened By God’s Grace

Zechariah 4:6-7

Living in the shadows is not what the Lord intended for us… living in the light is.

The old covenant is a shadow of the reality that would be revealed through the new covenant.

The old covenant had its own type of “light” or glory… it was expressed externally.

It can’t compare to the light or glory of the new covenant which is Christ in us…the hope of Glory.

This glory is expressed through a changed heart… it’s the work of the Holy Spirit in us that changes our hearts.

We certainly can’t change ourselves… we can try… but the change lasts as long as our efforts.

It’s not by our might, nor by our power… it’s by the Spirit of God that this mountain of law… mountain of works to keep it and ultimately mountain of sin produced by our inability to keep it …shall become a plain… it shall be removed… with cryings of Grace, Grace to it!
(Zechariah 4:6-7)

The door to this change is opened by His Grace.

We become His workmanship… as we accept to carry our cross or surrender our lives… to be worked by God… and that’s not always easy… but we become a reflection of His Glory… a glimmer of Christ in us.

  • Mark Saunders