Zeal Or Our Own Strength?

The word of the Lord desires us to be “hot, cold, but not lukewarm.”

Having zeal is good… but it doesn’t mean we act in our own strength.

Our own strength often makes zero difference in the kingdom of God… except to make problems.

Zeal needs to be tempered with patience. Everything has its time.

Keeping our lives on the altar means waiting for the Lord to open doors… the irony of which is that we often learn this by getting the timing of things wrong… in our zeal, doing the right thing at the wrong time and in our own strength.

Personally I’ve done that many times… it often means making a mess.

But the Lord is faithful and gracious… especially with our sincere intentions.

Take heart, the Lord is above our mistakes… He teaches us a lot through mistakes.

  • Mark Saunders