How Do You Be A Leader?

My youngest son asked me, “Dad, how do you be a leader?” A deep question from a six year old boy.

By learning to help others was what I said in the moment.

It’s true, by learning to help others we give ourselves the opportunity he was asking about.

Learning – we learn from examples ahead of us. It implies we understand that from a place of submission we need to be equipped.

Helping others – leading for the good of the followers not the leader. Leadership is not “all about the leader” but the equipping of others.

As Christians perhaps we tend to err between two extremes – putting leaders on pedestals or being totally independent and unsubmitted to leadership.

From watching those ahead, being ready to lead is built from being “put through” many unglamorous, humbling situations that “strip away that man of the flesh” so he’s of less nuisance to God’s people.

Christian leadership could possibly be one of the toughest callings there is.

Let’s be faithful to pray for our leaders. We pray for what matters to us and good Christian leadership “really matters.”

  • Mark Saunders