Who Do We Follow – Our Own Fleshly Desires or Jesus?

Jesus as Lord of our everyday lives.

It means that we’ve chosen.

Chosen between the world and the cross.  

Christians we must choose and we’re faced with these choices all the time.

Our attitudes… our thoughts… what we watch… what we listen to… how we spend money… how we spend time.

These choices have a big impact on how we grow spiritually.  

They reflect who we are… they show us how we need the grace of the Lord… how we need the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives to continue.

Who do we follow - our own fleshly desires or Jesus?

So we must choose daily – who do we follow – our own fleshly desires or Jesus?  

A lot of Christian life is “lived in this space”… in the “natural”… we can fast and pray all we like but if we don’t  choose daily we won’t grow.

  • Mark Saunders