The Blessing Or Approval Of God In Our Lives Is So Needed For Us Christians

“How are you brother? I’m blessed… but the reality is that we’re broke, fighting with our families and our lives are in disarray.

The approval of God is having his hand at work in our lives… approving his workmanship as he shapes and molds us into the image of Christ.

Christ didn’t chase the same type of “blessings” that so many of us Christians chase.

He valued things like relationship with God, truth, submission to God’s word, the freedom and clarity of heart it brings.

When we value the same things too, they bring order in our lives.

Too often we are seeking the kingdom so that “worldly blessings” can be added to our lives.

It’s not really the kingdom of God (righteousness, peace, joy and the things mentioned above) that we want.

  • Mark Saunders