The Narrow Road

narrow road

Being a Christian means we follow Christ.

Jesus invites us to follow Him by denying ourselves and taking up our cross daily.

The cross is the key to following Jesus. It’s simple but so, so challenging!

It’s easy to misunderstand “denying yourself.”

It doesn’t mean “making your life difficult” and it’s not “works.”

It’s accepting to lay aside the right to our lives and accept the will of God. It invites a deep work of God in one’s life that marks you.

This is lived out in the circumstances of everyday life…

Lord my life is not my own… what is your will? Let me decrease and you increase.

This is what the Holy Spirit wants to teach us… to discern and accept the will of God for our lives.

So is it easy – absolutely not!

But is it worth it – absolutely yes!

The way of the cross is almost a “forgotten road”…but when we find it we realize that it’s the only road for a Christian to walk.

There is no other way to follow Jesus… the narrow road.

  • Mark Saunders