Christians, It’s Ok To “Not Be Ok.”

Pretending is tiring.
Pretending you’re ok when you’re not.

Christians, it’s ok to “not be ok.”
It’s not lack of faith. It’s called being honest.

Life has its ups and downs… but hold on to the faith we have in Jesus… he never leaves us nor forsakes us.

Faith is not confessing your problems away and speaking as if they don’t exist… as if these things depend on your words.

Faith is a surrendered life, that holds on through thick and thin… knowing that He’s in control… not us and our words.

Life has issues. Our victory in them is that we come through by the grace of God, being somehow shaped by the hand of God… a rough edge smoothed, a lesson learned… an attitude changed.

What a privilege we have as Christians to walk with the Lord through these things… what hope, what victory!

  • Mark Saunders