If all you have today are tears? Bring those.

I’ll be honest… for years I struggled during difficult times with what to say when I prayed. I thought I had to find the perfect words to connect with the Lord.

But one day, I discovered… if I’m going through something hard, I can pray prayers where I don’t speak at all.

I can just sit with Jesus — making no suggestions, offering no solutions. Sometimes, I have nothing but quiet tears and a heavy heart. The beautiful thing is, the Bible promises when we sit with Jesus like this, the Holy Spirit lifts up the exact right prayers for me. And eventually, I sense God and there is peace.

What are you going through today? Whether it’s a difficult issue with one of your kids or financial stress or just feeling overwhelmed by life, I encourage you to sit with Jesus. You don’t have to pray perfectly crafted prayers for the Lord to hear you or for Him to move on your behalf.

And if all you have today are tears? Bring those.

Lysa TerKeurst

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